Definition of inhale in English:



  • 1Breathe in (air, gas, smoke, etc.)

    with object ‘they were taken to hospital after inhaling fumes’
    no object ‘she took the cigarette and inhaled deeply’
    • ‘Each time the memory comes up, she would squint her eyes and inhale her breath very deeply.’
    • ‘As you inhale a polluted air it creates a lot of problem in your system.’
    • ‘He ran one hand through his hair as he pulled deeply on his cigarette and inhaled the smoke.’
    • ‘As you may recall from biology class, you inhale air and exhale carbon dioxide.’
    • ‘An elderly man died from inhaling poisonous fumes as he tried to put out a fire at his home.’
    • ‘Alone, Ian takes a deep breath, inhaling the perfumed air she's left in her wake.’
    • ‘With each yard, her scent became stronger, and I breathed it in, inhaling so deeply the cold air scorched a path to my lungs.’
    • ‘She inhaled the clear air and, coming to herself, passed her hand over her forehead.’
    • ‘As the car came to a stop she got out and inhaled the fresh air as if it was giving her the strength she needed.’
    • ‘You breathe in reluctantly, imagining you're inhaling the fumes from your shoe.’
    • ‘Suddenly he spat out water and choked; he inhaled the air deeply and opened his eyes.’
    • ‘Just imagine that the nose is blocked and the air is inhaled through your larynx.’
    • ‘Davy was the first person to experience intoxication after inhaling a gas or vapour.’
    • ‘You set fire to it, then deeply inhale the smoky poisonous fumes.’
    • ‘The giggling came to a sudden halt as a sharp breath of air was inhaled somewhere above me.’
    • ‘Some of them even light up on buses where you can't even get away from inhaling their second-hand smoke.’
    • ‘He closed his eyes to inhale the air and he began a slow trot down the hall toward an elevator.’
    • ‘When someone inhales the smoke, they are receiving doses of drugs, and they can subsequently become addicted themselves.’
    • ‘Marla breathed in deeply, inhaling the smoke of her cigarette before blowing it out in a long wisp.’
    • ‘He inhaled the freezing air around, hearing the whistle of the wind through the infantry.’
    breathe in, draw in, suck in, sniff in, gasp, gulp, inspire, drink in
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    1. 1.1North American informal with object Eat (food) greedily or rapidly.
      ‘later on I inhale a box of chocolate cookies while watching cable TV’
      • ‘Once there, she inhaled a small meal of bread and cheese before rushing off to begin work.’
      • ‘Grunting in place of a formal greeting, she inhales the food, and barely notices David mocking her out of the corner of her eye.’
      • ‘Any man ordering pasta marinara comes across as a more sensitive prospect than a guy who inhales a steak.’
      • ‘But he didn't feel like eating, unlike the others who seemed to be inhaling their food.’
      • ‘He dropped four plates in front of us, and the children inhaled the food like it was pizza and soda.’
      • ‘I was trying to inhale two pieces of toast whole, when I heard a furious knocking at the door.’
      • ‘Bryan didn't glance up at her as he inhaled the huge amount of food crammed onto his plate.’
      • ‘But this is Jake, he doesn't even look before he inhales his food.’
      • ‘Then we went to the pub and inhaled beer, burgers, and burritos and and planned our new life in the sticks.’
      • ‘He sits in silence, inhaling his sandwich while staring at the empty chair across from him.’
      • ‘She gaped as Jesse all but detached his jaw and inhaled half the burger in one bite.’
      • ‘Leaning over, uncle Will promptly inhales the bacon strip.’
      • ‘Even I, the king of inhaling food, knows that you don't eat fish so fast!’
      consume, devour, ingest, partake of, gobble, gobble down, gobble up, gulp, gulp down, bolt, bolt down, wolf, wolf down, cram down, finish, finish off
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Early 18th century: from Latin inhalare ‘breathe in’, from in- ‘in’ + halare ‘breathe’.