Definition of ingesta in English:


plural noun

Medicine Zoology
  • Substances taken into the body as nourishment; food and drink.

    • ‘In this case there was no ingesta found, therefore no further tests could be carried out for toxicology.’
    • ‘The foregut as defined here should be composed of ingesta and fish-derived material including digestive enzymes.’
    • ‘Correlations detected for the April and June dates, but not May, may be related to moisture content of ingesta at these times.’
    • ‘Unstretched components were measured before removal of ingesta to reduce variation in measurements associated with elasticity of those organs.’
    • ‘Rapid rate of ingesta passage is well documented.’


Early 18th century: from Latin, ‘things brought in’, neuter plural of ingestus, past participle of ingerere.