Definition of infraspecific in English:



  • 1At a taxonomic level below that of species, e.g. subspecies, variety, cultivar, or form. In botany, Latin names at this level usually require the addition of a term denoting the rank.

    • ‘The present work represents the first comprehensive treatment of Alnus maritima at the infraspecific level.’
    • ‘The Asian species are represented by three specific and two infraspecific taxa.’
    • ‘The known vascular flora of the Preserve consists of 538 specific and infraspecific taxa from 310 genera in 98 families.’
    • ‘Several researchers recognize the strength and reproducibility of this method at the infraspecific level.’
    1. 1.1 Occurring within a species.
      ‘infraspecific variation’
      • ‘Perhaps Furlow lacked the quantity of data needed to resolve the infraspecific variation that exists.’
      • ‘Thus we considered the number of lateral costae (five or six per shell flank) in S.7 spiriferformis to be within the infraspecific variation of Sinostricklandiella robusta.’
      • ‘Several infraspecific taxa have been recognized but the current classification should be regarded as tentative and further studies based on molecular data are needed.’
      • ‘At the time of the last revision of the genus, Apios americana Medikus was the only described North American species and none of its six infraspecific taxa had been described.’
      • ‘Therefore, any conclusions about infraspecific length and repeat variability, possibly also detected in a heteroplasmic state in one individual, have to await further infraspecific studies.’
      • ‘Phylogeny, cytology, ethnobotany, conservation biology, and infraspecific taxa are all reasons why a revision of the North American species of Apios was needed.’