Definition of infosec in English:



mass noun
  • Procedures or measures used to protect electronic data from unauthorized access or use.

    ‘one of the most basic tenets in infosec is the fact that there is no such thing as absolute security’
    • ‘Today, very few colleges offer anything other than elective courses in infosec.’
    • ‘When hackers aren't breaking in to your network and all is quiet, everyone stops thinking about infosec.’
    • ‘IT security professionals all over the globe are getting the clout necessary to make infosec a business imperative.’
    • ‘Infosec professionals have also developed a variety of organizations keyed into standards and alternative organizational models.’
    • ‘It is therefore a requirement to take an organizational viewpoint of infosec, ensuring it extends across the enterprise.’
    • ‘Now, infosec can start playing a broader role within technology.’
    • ‘The crux of the problem lies in ensuring that the money budgeted for infosec is actually used.’
    • ‘A durable infosec policy is the foundation for effective information security in any corporate computing environment.’
    • ‘All organizations with an infosec program must have a strategy that categorizes their organization's risks.’
    • ‘Even with this fervent interest in infosec, however, a slew of similar IT security problems from the year before ring true for this one as well.’


1980s: short for information security.