Definition of informed in English:



  • 1Having or showing knowledge of a subject or situation.

    ‘an informed readership’
    • ‘For example, Thomas Jefferson is often cited as viewing an informed and educated public as key to the success of a self - governing society.’
    • ‘What might any informed Vietnamese have in mind on the subject?’
    • ‘I also happen to believe that an informed, educated, lapsed Judaism might also be the most true form of the religion, today.’
    • ‘The surprising thing is that today's women in Lebanon are perhaps better educated and more informed than my generation, but they are very subdued.’
    • ‘This is not a terribly convincing theory if only because the source was a dinner conversation among unidentified subjects, but at least those were informed media workers.’
    • ‘An informed reader writes to let me know that my description of this system was inaccurate.’
    • ‘Comments by informed readers as to the implications of the above are welcomed and will be shared with other readers.’
    • ‘We continue to attract an informed and relatively affluent readership, with 83% of readers in the top three socio-economic brackets.’
    • ‘The weightier works seek a more informed and sophisticated audience while not being works for the specialist.’
    • ‘The public display of the tortured body terrorizes through the depths of horror implied in its calibration of pain witnessed by a culturally informed public.’
    • ‘Democracy needs an informed and educated populace to function.’
    • ‘According to informed sources, supervisors have instructed that the burial take place in the presence of his closest relatives, surveyed by security forces.’
    • ‘I do not consider either that the Inspector's reasoning can be supplemented by the knowledge available to the informed reader.’
    • ‘Thus they were more helpful to the informed reader than to the beginner.’
    • ‘But how reassuring to learn that the readers are such a literate and well informed group.’
    • ‘Periodicals were then the prime means of communicating ideas among the informed and cultured elites.’
    • ‘This inverts the philosophy of education: the imparting of knowledge by the informed to the uninformed.’
    • ‘As an informed reader/viewer, you have a responsibility to be critical and to decide how legitimate the interpretation you are receiving really is.’
    • ‘Others have gone through it and left you the information you need to know, so go thru this process, totally informed and knowledgeable.’
    • ‘All the other themes of the vision depend upon having a well educated, informed and active population.’
    • ‘Her aggressive titles were now familiar stock among a certain informed readership attuned to decadent works.’
    knowledgeable, enlightened, illuminated, literate, well informed, well educated, educated, schooled, instructed
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    1. 1.1 (of a decision or judgement) based on an understanding of the facts of the situation.
      ‘she lacks the ability to make an informed decision’
      ‘obtaining informed consent from research participants is central to ethical research practice’
      • ‘Americans are isolationist in their policy preferences and lack the knowledge to have an informed opinion about the rest of the world.’
      • ‘Few people will know enough about the subject to have formed an informed opinion.’
      • ‘There needs to be an informed debate on the subject.’
      • ‘This might or might not be a good idea; I don't know enough about the subject to have an informed opinion.’
      • ‘Losing a loved one is a scary and confusing event for teenagers, but one that can be made easier through the use of literature and informed mentoring from a caring adult.’
      • ‘How Britain expelled the invaders and what was then the state of the country can only be the subject of informed speculation.’
      • ‘What are the implications of historically and culturally informed findings for strategies of educational reform?’
      • ‘It might allow the reader to make more informed comment than anything the papers have come up with so far.’
      • ‘Todd comes to this subject from outside Scottish History, and she brings to the subject an informed comparative historical and anthropological approach.’
      • ‘It relies on a system which is not best placed to respond to a rapidly changing situation with imaginative and informed ideas.’
      • ‘I'm not condoning the horrendous conditions portrayed in the film, but I would prefer a more informed view on a given subject.’
      • ‘I'm not knowledgeable enough on the policy questions to have an informed opinion.’
      • ‘Less advice, less informed choice, less education does not mean less terminations.’
      • ‘I'm still researching this, I'd be pleased to get people's informed insights into the subject.’
      • ‘If you are selling a health care product, I think it is vital that you are able to respond to queries with an educated and informed answer.’
      • ‘But we and our readership can't make an informed opinion yet.’
      • ‘Labor believes that it's very difficult to educate 9 million Australians to the level of financial literacy that is required to make an informed choice.’
      • ‘I was growing vegetables in Samoa at the time, and so I am really unable to express in any way an informed view on the subject, Peter.’
      • ‘‘There is much further to go, but gradually our joint working in informed choice and financial education is making a difference,’ he added.’
      • ‘Being an educated eater means you have the knowledge necessary to make informed choices no matter how crunched for time you become.’
      sage, sagacious, intelligent, clever, learned, showing great knowledge, with great knowledge, knowledgeable, enlightened
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