Definition of informatory in English:



  • 1Giving information; informative.

    • ‘Many motorists do not know the differences between mandatory, cautionary and informatory traffic signs.’
    • ‘Our institution produces informatory notes on engineering related subjects as the need arises.’
    • ‘Expert designers apply all the new techniques on the informatory websites to keep your site up to date.’
    • ‘It is said that the Qi, informatory energy or energetic information, is emitted from the meridian point of the therapist's palms and transferred to the patient's body via a meridian point of the body.’
    • ‘Sent from Moscow in mid-June 1960 the saddest letter of all is on the surface purely informatory: ‘My dacha now has a telephone.’
    • ‘All the three types of road and traffic signs are included under three heads such as mandatory, warning and informatory towards the end.’
    1. 1.1Bridge (of a double) intended to convey information to one's partner rather than to score a penalty.
      • ‘There are many informatory doubles that anticipate a bid from partner.’
      • ‘If there is no intervening bid, you must bid your longest unbid suit unless you can convert the informatory double to a penalty double.’


Late Middle English (but rare before the late 19th century): from Latin informat- ‘shaped, described’ (from the verb informare) + -ory.