Definition of informativeness in English:



  • See informative

    • ‘The effect of cueing informativeness and the comparison of the effect of central and peripheral cueing were outside the scope of the research of Treisman and Prinzmetal et al.’
    • ‘For maximum informativeness, each pedigree collected consisted of 4 grandparents, 2 parents, and 6-11 offspring.’
    • ‘Are we talking about some sort of information-theoretical density - the informativeness or surprisingness of someone's choices of words, phrase structures and ideas?’
    • ‘In the present study, we examined the effect of informativeness - namely, the effect of informative and uninformative cueing - in a typical visual search for features and their conjunctions.’
    • ‘To take advantage of the informativeness of unlinked sites and to avoid the confounds associated with partial linkage, we resampled the original data set randomly in three steps.’