Definition of informal settlement in English:

informal settlement


  • another term for shackland
    • ‘A certain amount of tension exists between formal townships and adjacent informal settlements because the latter are seen to undermine the value of the former.’
    • ‘She said there were Aids posters all over Johannesburg and its suburbs reminding the public about World Aids Day but there were none in the informal settlements around the city.’
    • ‘Volunteers have been trained to fight fires in informal settlements by the City's emergency management services.’
    • ‘Tap water samples are taken from the bulk supply and reservoirs across the city, including from informal settlements.’
    • ‘The programme will be piloted in two communities near Lovedale - the peri-urban settlement Happy Rest, and the informal settlement Ntselamanzi township.’
    • ‘However, Dunoon and its neighbouring informal settlement Doornbach overwhelmingly vote for the ANC.’
    • ‘Businesses were closed and concern was growing over the well-being of particularly residents of informal settlements in surrounding townships.’
    • ‘The City of Johannesburg is set to embark on a major drive to put up and repair lights on major roads and in streets of the suburbs, townships and informal settlements of the city.’
    • ‘The result is that thousands of workers are forced to live in dismal housing conditions in compounds, shanty towns and informal settlements.’
    • ‘Some 85% of the township consists of informal settlements.’


informal settlement