Definition of infolding in English:



  • A turning or folding inwards; an inward fold.

    • ‘For example, most metazoans go through a developmental stage called a gastrula - a ball of cells with an infolding that later forms the gut.’
    • ‘In the octopus eye it is formed by an infolding of the surface cells on the head, which become thickened to form eye components.’
    • ‘The head region of the embryo is demarcated anterior to the node by the head fold, an infolding of the blastoderm composed of both ectoderm and endoderm.’
    • ‘The ductal structures showed an irregular outline with infoldings of the glands.’
    • ‘The mouth and pharynx are derived by a secondary infolding of superficial ectoderm called the stomodeum.’