Definition of infobahn in English:



  • A high speed computer network, especially the Internet.

    • ‘The company's founder left - and bet correctly that the ‘infobahn’ would be the Internet.’
    • ‘At this time we were not even sure if the term ‘Internet’ was a good one and spent much of the effort on metaphors to do with the ‘Information Superhighway’, the infobahn, The Net, and the Matrix.’
    • ‘And instead of charging ahead on the infobahn that is the wired world, where businesses like to brag that they move at Internet speed, the company is cautiously plying along in the slow lane.’
    • ‘Of course we weren't shocked enough to buy the newspaper, we just rushed back to the shackles on our desks to read the infobahn version of the article.’


1990s: blend of information and autobahn.