Definition of influence peddling in English:

influence peddling


mass nounNorth American
  • The use of position or political influence on someone's behalf in exchange for money or favours.

    • ‘Did the livelihood of the richest 10% of the people improve disproportionately under the leadership of this person due to influence peddling?’
    • ‘But it eventually begins to dawn on him that sports is out of control, with too much money, sex, drugs, influence peddling, and politics.’
    • ‘Rather, behind the vague slogan of ‘reform,’ they focused on such issues as political corruption and influence peddling in Washington.’
    • ‘An appointed body, the theory went, would be insulated from influence peddling, and thus better equipped than politicians to safeguard the public.’
    • ‘Widespread graft and influence peddling among government officials are hampering economic development.’
    • ‘As long as there are institutions with lots of money and an interest in seeking rents and favors, there will be corruption, and more mundane influence peddling.’
    • ‘As the state has grown, corruption, black marketeering and influence peddling have proliferated.’
    • ‘This will reduce conflicts of interest, and influence peddling,’ he says.’
    • ‘Those people are said to have achieved their positions through a combination of hard work, influence peddling, and corruption.’
    • ‘Here is the former head of the European Development Bank under investigation for influence peddling.’
    • ‘It's also about an apparent culture of influence peddling and abuse of power in state government.’
    • ‘Anyone who made money by drugs, cronyism, influence peddling with past regimes at the expense of Bahamians would be dispossessed and their fortunes returned to the Bahamian treasury.’
    • ‘Ironically, however, they failed to democratize their parties due to closed-door policy making, influence peddling and eventual corruption after they gained power.’
    • ‘This doesn't excuse their influence peddling.’
    • ‘Quite apart from whether political influence peddling distorts criminal policy, does such peddling weaken the case for privatization?’
    • ‘But the media has long since been corrupted by a far more sophisticated, legal system of payola and influence peddling.’
    • ‘Political influence peddling is a universal phenomenon, whether it is in a developed or developing world.’
    • ‘But political watchdog groups are harshly critical of the arrangement, saying it smacks of influence peddling in Washington.’
    • ‘The US also sees obstacles in the web of personal relations and influence peddling necessary to get business done.’
    • ‘What can be done about such corruption and influence peddling?’


influence peddling