Definition of inflated in English:



  • 1Distended through being filled with air or gas.

    ‘a partially inflated balloon’
    • ‘It's just like pushing a fully inflated basketball underwater.’
    • ‘It uses an inflated vinyl ball as a seat to encourage spinal alignment and active sitting.’
    • ‘When two people were injured, right there in Times Square, when the ropes attached to one of the big, inflated balloons.’
    • ‘Few Vietnamese go in for swimming trunks, so instead you see fully clad people venturing into the waves supported on inflated black inner tubes.’
    • ‘It is propelled by oars, and will carry 15 or 20 persons, but its capacity is greatly increased by lashing inflated seal skins to the outside.’
    • ‘And, if we are walking down the street and there's a man there selling extremely inflated themed balloons, then why not?’
    • ‘By the end of the day several inflated balloons will end up littering the far bank.’
    • ‘Then replace the punctured rear wheel with the inflated front wheel.’
    • ‘Despite being hit by an inflated projectile, he is intent on risking more close encounters in the same way.’
    • ‘His first design used a number of thin inflated tubes inside a leather cover.’
    • ‘The inflated balloon allows the catheter to remain within the cavity of the cyst or abscess.’
    • ‘There was a giant inflated climbing wall, and an inflated "bounce house" that looked like a sinking Titanic.’
    • ‘They then pick up a small stone from a heap lying nearby and place it on the inflated bag.’
    • ‘A huge inflated spiked balloon hung over the dance area in front of the stage.’
    blown up, aerated, filled, puffed up, puffed out, pumped up
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  • 2Excessively or unreasonably high.

    ‘inflated salaries’
    • ‘Still, despite inflated numbers due to longevity, Gartner was incredibly consistent, scoring 30 or more goals in each of his first 15 NHL seasons.’
    • ‘We cannot compare on this basis with present day, out of control, inflated property prices which are well beyond moderate wage earners.’
    • ‘When you next call the local consumer helpline to complain about a faulty refrigerator or inflated mobile phone bills, your phone will ring in Kashmir.’
    • ‘Many younger workers are buying stock at vastly inflated prices.’
    • ‘The inflated value of the peso helped maintain an illusion of prosperity long after the economic boom had gone bust.’
    • ‘These inflated share values mean companies can borrow heavily to expand their production even further.’
    • ‘The days of inflated prices, however, seem to be at an end.’
    • ‘Number of cocaine use days prior to treatment was covaried to control for inflated anxiety levels due to higher cocaine use levels.’
    • ‘Of course I'm going to say no: I'm one of those students that will be paying the inflated rates.’
    • ‘The inflated pension earnings created a false impression of profits and helped trigger the flow of bonus money into the pockets of company executives.’
    • ‘We are against MPs paying themselves inflated salaries.’
    • ‘Instead, this massive over-expansion of credit is feeding directly into inflated housing prices.’
    • ‘Furthermore, inability to pay these inflated rates now results in disconnection.’
    • ‘Inflated remuneration packages once associated with sales roles in high-tech companies seem to have gone into hibernation.’
    • ‘But with emasculated regulators, inhibited competition and inflated wages in the service industry, Irish consumers cannot bet on prices falling on the basis of a strong euro.’
    • ‘Prescribing heroin saves money further down the system in policing, inflated insurance premiums, hospitalisation, and prisons.’
    • ‘This is despite many of the large hotels expecting big revenues through hugely inflated hotel charges.’
    • ‘But that burden would not exist if players had not demanded such inflated wages in the past and chairmen had not agreed to pay them.’
    • ‘The power has already been bought in advance at grossly inflated prices.’
    • ‘Prices tumbled just as the grain bought months before at inflated rates began arriving in the ports.’
    increased, raised, boosted
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    1. 2.1 Exaggerated.
      ‘you have a very inflated opinion of your worth’
      • ‘Then tougher legislation is announced to deal with the inflated problem.’
      • ‘Even these figures provide an inflated picture of what is actually spent on Iraq.’
      • ‘Certainly some witnesses made inflated claims about how much alcohol they had consumed without becoming intoxicated.’
      • ‘But as soon as Stefano abandons the warmth of his bed and dresses, his irritation takes a back seat to an inflated and mistaken sense of purpose.’
      • ‘Perhaps they have an inflated sense of how much they should be valued.’
      • ‘The rest of the story's 2,000 words or so comprise an extended rehash of all the family's real, imagined and inflated sins.’
      • ‘It will not reduce the excessive legal costs of processing inflated claims that are eventually settled for small amounts’
      • ‘Add to this that the scripts are willing to take on current (or at least recent) craziness in the business: bad behaviors, outrageous trends, inflated self-images.’
      • ‘I couldn't agree more, though I think the this coddling might produce more of a sense of inflated self-entitlement than the deflated self-esteem the author describes.’
      • ‘Ah, they're all about inflated self-importance, anyway.’
      • ‘I'll leave it to the reader to decide who has an inflated view of his own importance.’
      • ‘Yet there are times when a rogue state is so caught up in its own propaganda and inflated glory that even a military threat cannot bring it to rational discussion.’
      • ‘There is a natural fear of inflated awards, on account of that emotional content during the trial.’
      • ‘Many members have scrambled to repay expenses, some quickly admitting misjudgment and others saying inflated claims were submitted by mistake.’
      • ‘My prize goes to whoever wrote the ridiculously inflated press blurb.’
      • ‘That same inflated claim to universality reinforces the sense that American sovereignty is not to be stepped on.’
      • ‘We wondered how the inflated figure got circulating in the first place.’
      • ‘The inflated expectations for publication of the last twenty years have not been healthy for the profession.’
      • ‘Even more important than inflated notions of the fundamentalists' power may be their entertainment value.’
      • ‘People with narcissistic personality disorder have an inflated sense of their own importance and an extreme preoccupation with themselves.’
      exaggerated, magnified, aggrandized, unwarranted, immoderate, pumped up, overblown, overripe, overstated, overplayed
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