Definition of infield in English:



  • 1The inner part of the field of play in various sports.

    • ‘Mike Mordecai has played all the infield positions and is prepared to try the outfield.’
    • ‘Furcal relied on his arm too much last season and has learned he doesn't have to throw rockets across the infield on every grounder.’
    • ‘Andy Fox is valuable to the team because of his experience, his lefthanded bat and his ability to play the infield and outfield.’
    • ‘In Japan, Suzuki's bunting for hits was such a regular feature of his repertoire it changed how infields played him.’
    • ‘Bautista has plus power, a good arm and the versatility to play the infield or outfield.’
    • ‘Super-sub Denny Hocking's ability to play well in the infield or outfield is the main reason the Twins have been able to carry a 12-man pitching staff.’
    • ‘And newcomers Dmitri Young and Craig Paquette, who can play the infield and outfield corners, will provide much-needed hitting.’
    • ‘He takes his infield and outfield gloves into the dugout for each game.’
    • ‘Both are righthanded hitters who can play the infield and outfield corners.’
    • ‘The lineup, laden with veterans, has proven hitters with good defense in center field and at the infield corners.’
    • ‘The infield at The Ballpark was playing fast and Lowe was likely to produce a ground ball.’
    • ‘Erin White squeezed a grounder through the right side of the infield in the eighth to score Jackie Lance and give the Canadians a 1-0 victory.’
    • ‘He offers the versatility of being able to play in the infield and outfield.’
    • ‘He then jogged back to the wall to retrieve the ball and lobbed it to the infield as three runs scored.’
    • ‘Cabrera and Bloomquist both can play the infield and the outfield.’
    • ‘Gipson is excellent fielder who can play the infield and outfield.’
    • ‘If there's a pop beyond the infield, the outfielders should take charge - it's easier to catch a ball coming in than going back.’
    • ‘The thick infield grass at Wrigley Field has helped the Cubs in recent years because their infielders haven't had much range and their hitters thrived on the long ball.’
    • ‘The club will evaluate him as he plays all around the infield and in the outfield.’
    1. 1.1Cricket The part of the field closer to the wicket.
      • ‘Then Warne lets Flintoff off the hook with one ball he can read - the full-toss, which is duly dispatched over the infield.’
      • ‘Their feet got to the pitch of the ball and their fluent drives repeatedly carved through the infield on either side of the wicket.’
      • ‘He hit it well enough, squirting a square drive through the infield.’
      • ‘They kept bowling up and he kept swinging them over the infield.’
      • ‘If we can just do that we will snowball; the boys will get confident if we can play shots over the infield without losing our wickets, it's all to do with keeping our heads.’
    2. 1.2Baseball The area within and near the four bases.
      as modifier ‘Billy started us off with an infield hit’
      • ‘Instead, the team will focus on getting great defense from two of their four infield spots.’
      • ‘In his first at-bat, the touted slugger reached on an infield hit.’
      • ‘Don Wert then reached base on an infield error and the lead run scored.’
      • ‘And not an especially good idea on a surface where infield grounders quickly become base hits.’
      • ‘But by game's end, all you've managed to do is hit four feeble infield dribblers and bounce three throws to first base.’
    3. 1.3 The players stationed in the infield, collectively.
      • ‘The infield won't resemble last season's very much.’
      • ‘Along with Giambi, Jeter and Robin Ventura, it marked one of the few times in history that one team's entire infield was named to an All-Star squad.’
      • ‘In the letters section of the August issue of Baseball Digest, a chart was printed listing 12 teams whose infields drove in 400 or more runs in one season.’
      • ‘‘With the infield in and the bases loaded, the batter hit a shot past the shortstop,’ said Ford.’
      • ‘The infield should continue to be the glue of the defense.’
      • ‘The umpire looks at me strangely, as a matter of fact, the whole infield of The Indians team was staring at me.’
      • ‘The middle of the infield should be Bobby Hill and Javier Guzman, both players that should boast modest OBPs in the future.’
  • 2The land around or near a farmstead, especially arable land.

    ‘the infield is demarcated by corn ditches’
    • ‘The agricultural economy was primarily based on raising cattle on forest land and cereal production on small cleared infields.’
    • ‘The remainder of the course coils through the 130 acre infield putting a premium on handling and braking.’
    • ‘Later on, 1920-21, I deeded the 60 acres southwest of the public highway, as well as the 40 acres infields and woods on the northeast side, with the old house and barn.’
    • ‘With that, I flew off and landed in a muddy heap in the swampy infield, while the bike sagged directly to the ground.’
    • ‘Thousands more can view the action from a 215-acre infield.’


  • Into or towards the inner part of the field of play.

    ‘Halliday weaved his way infield, causing the disruption from which Morris was to score his try’
    • ‘What will be vital is that our wide midfielders force Denmark's full-backs to play passes infield rather than allowing them bread-and-butter balls to the wingers.’
    • ‘Pauleta cuts infield and tries his luck from 30 yards.’
    • ‘Robinson dived over from acting half and this time Mitchell was successful with the kick from a couple of yards infield.’
    • ‘The cost of moving the straight track 80 meters infield is estimated at $4.9-million.’
    • ‘The home side kept up the pressure and following a Brian Kenny throw-in Padraig Murphy took possession and as he moved infield he sent a pile driver to the net in the 65th minute.’