Definition of infestation in English:



mass noun
  • The presence of an unusually large number of insects or animals in a place, typically so as to cause damage or disease.

    ‘infestation with head lice is widespread’
    count noun ‘efforts were made to deal with an infestation of rats in the building’
    • ‘These grass mite infestations have been seen in some cornfields in western Nebraska.’
    • ‘Not all continuous cornfields have economic infestations of corn rootworms.’
    • ‘Late raspberry cultivars tend to be more prone to beetle infestations than early cultivars.’
    • ‘Determine the level of infestations in your fields immediately.’
    • ‘Heavy aphid infestations, lacking predator activity, may warrant rescue treatment.’
    • ‘Presence of insect predators, which often control infestations, should be noted.’
    • ‘Scent traps are recommended to monitor potential cutworm infestations in dry edible beans.’
    • ‘Given the dry conditions this year, early-season infestations may be more likely to become established.’
    • ‘A residual treatment may be applied to clean bin surfaces to protect incoming grain from insect infestation.’
    • ‘These areas are likely to have higher numbers of corn flea beetle infestations this year.’