Definition of infertility in English:



mass noun
  • 1Inability to conceive children or young.

    ‘chlamydia can cause infertility in women’
    as modifier ‘a couple undergoing infertility treatment’
    • ‘He is a physician and surgeon who specializes in gynecology, infertility, and obstetrics.’
    • ‘Almost half of those six million women struggle with infertility.’
    • ‘She draws on sociolinguistic theory and narrative analysis in her study of social stigma and infertility in India.’
    • ‘By the postwar period, infertility was an issue inseparable from adoption.’
    • ‘His life's mission is to cure the world of the curse of infertility.’
    • ‘Following numerous IVF attempts, she struggles to accept her own infertility.’
    • ‘There is a growing body of work outlining acupuncture's effectiveness in the treatment of infertility in women.’
    • ‘She writes with real understanding of the way infertility tests even the most loving relationship.’
    • ‘Researchers studying male infertility now have a new way of studying sperm function.’
    • ‘By the time they seek help, they complain of infertility.’
    1. 1.1 Inability of land to sustain crops or vegetation; unproductiveness.
      ‘ecological problems such as increasing soil infertility’
      • ‘Many men and women indicated that land shortages and soil infertility were looming problems—and they related them to population increase.’
      • ‘This matches well the chemical infertility of the waterlogged paleosols in which it has been found.’
      • ‘Infertility of the land, poor farming system and irrigation, and lack of a farming bank all contributed to the country's isolation.’
      • ‘This new direction may have been prompted by the infertility of soil at the settlement, and by the reduction of individual farms in size.’
      • ‘This will only further decrease crop yields and increase land infertility.’
      • ‘The residual effect can cause soil infertility and block the natural regeneration of vegetation for a prolonged period of time.’
      • ‘Studies have proved that, contrary to arguments of soil infertility, this primitive cultivation practice ensures that fallowness in the soil is not compromised on.’
      • ‘Physical stress, such as soil infertility and drought, prevents plants from reaching any size but the minimum required for reproduction.’
      • ‘Rather than attribute this to the difficulties of mountain terrain, soil infertility, or lack of transportation, he places the blame on the goal itself.’
      • ‘The icy torpor and infertility of the Pontic landscape become indices of the poet's own frozen creativity.’