Definition of infaunal in English:



  • See infauna

    • ‘Life habit categories included epifaunal, infaunal, shallow infaunal, and deep infaunal.’
    • ‘Results from a pair of epifaunal and infaunal dendrochirotids from Family Cucumariidae indicate little variation in the relative amount of ossification.’
    • ‘Lingulids are shallow burrowing infaunal filter feeders of the shallow intertidal zone.’
    • ‘The Baltic clam achieves highest densities in mesohaline habitats of the bay where it ranks first in benthic infaunal biomass.’
    • ‘Bivalves are aquatic suspension-feeders, inhabiting a variety of infaunal and epifaunal habitats and are particularly characterized by their ability to burrow, some of them even into rock and wood.’