Definition of inextricably in English:


Pronunciation /ɪnˈɛkstrɪkəbli//ɪnɪkˈstrɪkəbli/


  • In a way that is impossible to disentangle or separate.

    ‘for many top executives, golf and business are inextricably linked’
    ‘Christmas is inextricably interwoven with my notions of home and family’
    • ‘The city's growing reputation is inextricably linked with an ambitious approach to architecture.’
    • ‘The empirical method was inextricably confused with the disreputable practice of alchemy.’
    • ‘We want people to appreciate these images visually instead of seeing them inextricably connected to the text.’
    • ‘The awkwardness of the intimate moment is now inextricably linked with our knowledge of its explicit staging.’
    • ‘Its revolutionary aims became in some of its products inextricably mingled with nostalgia.’
    • ‘In early modern history, patriotism was inextricably bound up with loyalty to a sovereign.’
    • ‘The inability of the art establishment to re-invent itself is inextricably tied to the commodification of art.’
    • ‘Having brought him up from birth, she has grown inextricably attached.’
    • ‘Its mediating tool is the violin, whose form appears to merge inextricably with the musician's somber figure.’
    • ‘They have come to realize that their freedom is inextricably bound to our freedom.’