Definition of inexperienced in English:



  • Having little knowledge or experience of a particular thing.

    ‘an inexperienced driver’
    ‘he is still relatively young and inexperienced’
    • ‘He said the defendant was not an immature youth, nor a wholly inexperienced parent.’
    • ‘Inexperienced pilots of those gyroplanes should not fly in winds above 15 knots.’
    • ‘It is not a sin or a crime to be young, inexperienced, ignorant, and hopeful.’
    • ‘Relatively inexperienced amateurs can now be guided, and in some cases almost hauled, to the summit.’
    • ‘Heaton's inexperienced side simply cannot get enough runs on the board.’
    inexpert, unpractised, lacking experience, untrained, untutored, unschooled, unqualified, unskilled, amateur, uninitiated
    uninformed, ignorant, unacquainted, unversed, unfledged, untried, unseasoned
    naive, unsophisticated, callow, immature, fresh, green, raw
    wet behind the ears, wide-eyed, out of one's depth, born yesterday
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