Definition of inexistent in English:



  • Non-existent.

    • ‘Most of these deaths occur in the Hindu Heartland and are almost inexistent in non-Hindu communities.’
    • ‘It had had been eating me away since that day and I tried to push it away, reminding myself that James Richemont was inexistent and dead.’
    • ‘Was he thinking that her guilt was about lamenting her inexistent parents?’
    • ‘He had become inexistent in his own mind, crushed to nothingness, and he did not feel like getting back to his feet, did not feel like picking up the pieces.’
    • ‘With these two compositions, the mood appears to change once again as vocal samples become almost totally inexistent and soundscapes become more overtly electronic.’
    intangible, impalpable, indefinable, indescribable, vague, obscure, unclear, indistinct
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