Definition of inexactly in English:


Pronunciation /ˌɪnɛɡˈzaktli//ˌɪnɪɡˈzaktli/


  • See inexact

    • ‘A consideration of social isolation almost always occurs in the context of social support, and the two in most cases are used interchangeably. Both concepts have been defined inexactly over the past few decades.’
    • ‘Ellinor is established in a bravura passage in which Glenthorn, the tale's official narrator, inexactly recollects the tales Ellinor told him of Irish history and myth.’
    • ‘Different numbers might be represented exactly or inexactly within the FPU, but all IEEE values are represented with exactly the same precision of 15 decimals.’
    • ‘‘Neo - is a prefix that derives from the Greek adjective neos - ‘new’ or ‘fresh’ - and in theory it is used inexactly for those conservatives who once were not - or for those who have reinterpreted conservatism…’