Definition of inexact in English:



  • Not quite accurate or correct.

    ‘an inexact description’
    • ‘She also admits that gauging how long students will take to complete an exam is an inexact science: examiners usually time themselves on their own exams, then allow students three times as long.’
    • ‘In the case of many regions, determining whether an industry is basic or non-basic is a rather inexact science.’
    • ‘I know translation is a difficult task, but is it this much of an inexact science?’
    • ‘Sustainable building is an inexact science and its adherents are learning all the time.’
    • ‘But earthquake warnings are still an inexact science.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, the cancer detection story is one that suffers from the problems of being an inexact science.’
    • ‘HIV is adept at generating inexact or mutated copies, which can show resistance to medications.’
    • ‘Age determination is an inexact science and the margin of error can sometimes be as much as 5 years either side. Assessments of age measure maturity, not chronological age.’
    • ‘It said it was investigating him for spreading false information on the market and presenting and publishing inexact accounts about the bailout.’
    • ‘Modeling mine behavior and sediment transport is still an inexact science.’
    • ‘However, calculating the beneficial effect to the atmosphere derived from a given area of trees is as yet an inexact science.’
    • ‘The process of putting alien genes into plants and animals to favour certain traits or to confer resistance is at best an inexact science with unpredictable results.’
    • ‘Statistical revision is the wild card in that most inexact pack of jokers known as economics.’
    • ‘NEW Year predictions have been flying around all week and I see no reason why I should not have a go at this remarkably inexact science.’
    • ‘Despite the volume and quality of the research, divining what is in the ocean remains an inexact science.’
    • ‘But criticizing alchemy as an inexact science is not a valid reason not to pay attention to it since, as stated earlier, this is not the ground of its knowledge claims.’
    • ‘It is important that the idea the logo communicates is vague and inexact, for we should not be given the opportunity to compare the registers of product and logo too closely.’
    • ‘It ought to be pointed out that calculating passenger kilometres is an inexact science.’
    • ‘But even in this computerised age, avalanche prediction is an inexact science and that is because of the variables involved.’
    • ‘The definition of sport is broad and inexact, but any recreation combining physical exercise with an element of competition usually fits the bill.’
    imprecise, not accurate, not exact, approximate, rough, crude, coarse-grained, general, vague, hazy, woolly
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