Definition of inescutcheon in English:



  • A small shield placed within a larger one.

    • ‘An orle is a perforated inescutcheon, and usually takes the shape of the shield whereon it is placed.’
    • ‘In German and Scottish armory the inescutcheon bears the symbols of the paternal side, but in English heraldry it is used to carry the arms of an heiress wife.’
    • ‘In this illustration the inescutcheon is shown over the impaled arms, whereas His Grace bears it only over the family arms; and the doves here are pictured sable rather than argent.’
    • ‘Until 1917 (when the British royal family dropped German titles), the male-line descendants of Queen Victoria bore the arms of Saxony (for Prince Albert) on an inescutcheon over the royal arms.’
    • ‘The dexter coat is dimidiated, with half of the inescutcheon and three and two halves of the cross crosslets visible.’