Definition of inescapable in English:



  • Unable to be avoided or denied.

    ‘political reform was inescapable’
    ‘they came to the inescapable conclusion that he was responsible’
    • ‘They seem to accept tension and stress as an inescapable part of their lives.’
    • ‘In the midst of the delight of the moment, there lies concealed a foreboding of inescapable sorrow.’
    • ‘These were the qualities that made the memories sweet, but behind all this there was an inescapable note of sadness.’
    • ‘Wagner's darker side is inescapable, and Köhler's unravelling of it is compelling.’
    • ‘Among Dinesen's symbols, we find mirrors used to reflect the inescapable truths her characters must face.’
    • ‘We live in an age when man-made noise, of all sorts, seems inescapable.’
    • ‘But the scale and sharpness of the wealth gap presents an inescapable danger.’
    • ‘Even in good times, job losses are an inescapable fact of life in a dynamic market economy.’
    • ‘He was especially appealing to young women, a fact that was inescapable to both men.’
    • ‘This gives clear expression to Durkheim's pathos, his sense of the inescapable fragility of society.’
    • ‘Death is forever present, inescapable and man must accept his fate.’
    • ‘It is an inescapable fact that we would need to allow into Montserrat people who weren't born here.’
    • ‘He understands that the inescapable prerequisite of influence is dissemination.’
    • ‘Sometimes, our anger and frustration are caused by very real and inescapable problems in our lives.’
    • ‘The novel is infused with this sense of loss, either as ordinary and inescapable, or as something more dramatic.’
    • ‘Beggars are an inescapable part of our society and we have to deal with this reality.’
    • ‘The economic logic of developing and encouraging the alternative fuel car industry seems inescapable.’
    • ‘From this maelstrom emerge the great art and literature which seek to justify or to resolve the inescapable problems.’
    • ‘The sheer scope of Boulez's accomplishments means that his shadow is virtually inescapable.’
    • ‘The inescapable fact, however, is that waste is an issue which must be dealt with.’
    unavoidable, inevitable, ineluctable, ineliminable, inexorable, assured, sure, certain, bound to happen, sure to happen, unpreventable, preordained, predestined, predetermined
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