Definition of inescapability in English:



  • See inescapable

    • ‘For Freud, the human craving for immortality, faced with the fear of and inevitability of death, leads us to suspend, ignore, or eradicate our knowledge of its inescapability from our lives.’
    • ‘A persistent preoccupation for O'Faolain and so many other Irish writers is the inescapability of the past - the way the past continues to write the present, politically, socially, economically, emotionally.’
    • ‘Narrativity, says Campbell is inescapable, yet its inescapability does not mean that all accounts are equally genuine, or that ‘anything goes’ (as critics of postmodernism are quick to assume).’
    • ‘Adding the condition of isolation only amplifies the perception of inescapability, as studies of Arctic expeditions have revealed.’
    • ‘The darkness of the interior scenes increases the sense of inescapability, while sporadic rays of light have a startling impact and increase the sense that secrets and agendas could suddenly be exposed.’