Definition of ineptness in English:



  • See inept

    • ‘The Government was frightened that once there was decent scrutiny of the legislation, the weakness and ineptness of it would be plain for all to see.’
    • ‘There is a gulf between the perceived ineptness of many backbenchers and the acknowledged competence - sometimes seen as arrogance - of frontline ministers.’
    • ‘It is even possible that the FBI's complete ineptness in investigating terrorism was at least partly caused by misdirection of other parts of the U. S. government.’
    • ‘How could you want to finish your career as a spokesman/ticket seller for an organization that has been determined to set the standard for ineptness, foolishness and cheapness?’
    • ‘The ineptness comprised both the inability to volley but also the clumsy odyssey toward the net, the latter somewhat incomprehensible for a player of such good mobility along the baseline.’