Definition of ineligibility in English:



  • See ineligible

    • ‘Students and staff united, opposing fee increases, allowance ineligibility, and low staff pay.’
    • ‘The problem was that 3,233 part-time students were included in the list because the query failed to recognize their ineligibility.’
    • ‘To arrive at a definition of those whose presence here was so questionable as to give rise to an assumption of ineligibility for services would be a difficult task.’
    • ‘We just want to continue to eat dinner without napkins and sleep on the couch and wallow in vigorous bachelor ineligibility.’
    • ‘As I have said, I consider that there is a strong case for removal of all the categories of ineligibility based on occupation.’
    • ‘However, postponement, injury, ineligibility, and finally his no-show had prevented him making his 100th appearance since then.’