Definition of IndyCar in English:



  • A type of car used in Indy racing.

    as modifier ‘the IndyCar championship’
    • ‘I've never driven an Indy car on a road course in race trim like that.’
    • ‘The Indy car was built to drive fast around corners.’
    • ‘An Indy car feels heavier and faster, with more downforce.’
    • ‘Actually, now, Pierre mentioned that Indycars and Formula One cars are two totally different cars.’
    • ‘I was stepping outside my comfortable zone with an Indy car.’
    • ‘I'm sure if he got in an Indy car now, he'd run well because they are the same breed of driver.’
    • ‘But for the next five years, he often looked like the driver of an Indy car who couldn't find the key to the ignition.’
    • ‘Homestead gave me my first-ever win in an Indy car in 1999 and I really would love to be back in the winner's circle.’
    • ‘Now my mindset doesn't really relate to anything about when I ran the Indy car because these cars are so much different.’
    • ‘In the Pinto, you'll eventually get to the finish line, but it will take 10 times longer than in the Indy car.’
    • ‘Experienced the thrill of steering an Indycar clear of the walls at 240 mph?’
    • ‘I can tell you the first time he ran an Indy car was at California Speedway.’
    • ‘We got into the car, and it was a little different than the Indy car - we had to adjust to it.’
    • ‘It is as physical a track in an Indy car as it is anywhere in the world.’
    • ‘Amazingly, the F1 circus returned the next year, and Indycars raced there a couple of times.’