Definition of industrious in English:



  • Diligent and hard-working:

    ‘an industrious people striving to make their country prosperous’
    • ‘He struck me as being particularly hardworking, energetic and industrious.’
    • ‘She was a very hard working industrious lady and she loved to chat about old times.’
    • ‘A very hard working and industrious man, he was held in very high esteem.’
    • ‘He inherited a great love of the land and livestock and was a most industrious and hard-working gentleman.’
    • ‘A member of a respected family she was a hard working industrious lady.’
    • ‘A hard working industrious lady, she was respected member of the Community.’
    • ‘The plantation was a considerable success, the settlers proving industrious and determined.’
    • ‘I've attached a picture that one of our industrious computer experts put together.’
    • ‘Your industrious and methodical nature will gain you respect in the workplace.’
    • ‘A very hard working and industrious farmer, he was an excellent family man and a member of an old and respected family.’
    • ‘His layered photographs condense the evidence of man and its industrious production.’
    • ‘They were exemplars of the same industrious values as their subjects.’
    • ‘From the endless rows of hand tools to the overalls and safety goggles, the atmosphere is industrious to say the least.’
    • ‘He again underlined what a player he could be with another industrious performance on the right hand side of midfield.’
    • ‘A very active and industrious lady, she owned the flower gardens at Ballybrophy until she retired.’
    • ‘With it comes an economy that mainly stands on consumption rather than on the industrious craft of production.’
    • ‘Anyway, he is very industrious and energetic in his sweeping.’
    • ‘They are industrious people who believe in strong families, self-discipline and orderly lifestyles.’
    • ‘We make the busy bee look like a lazy creature, and the industrious ant, a sluggard.’
    • ‘Yes, beavers are industrious rodents whose dams help our river systems.’
    hard-working, diligent, assiduous, sedulous, conscientious, steady, painstaking, persistent, persevering, pertinacious, unflagging, untiring, tireless, indefatigable, studious
    busy, busy as a bee, active, bustling, energetic, on the go, vigorous, determined, dynamic, driven, zealous, productive
    with one's shoulder to the wheel, with one's nose to the grindstone
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Late 15th century (in the sense ‘skilful, clever, ingenious’): from French industrieux or late Latin industriosus, from Latin industria diligence.