Definition of induration in English:



  • See indurate

    • ‘An infected pressure ulcer may be characterized by erythema, edema, induration, and purulent or foul-smelling drainage.’
    • ‘Careful physical examination may reveal unsuspected or unmentioned cutaneous erythema, induration, ulceration or drainage.’
    • ‘This substantiates its folk use for indurations and/or tumors of the abdomen, eyes and liver.’
    • ‘Clinicians should note that surface-level infection does not manifest as erythema, edema, and induration of the surrounding tissue.’
    • ‘Severe local reactions (defined as edema or induration >120 mm) occurred after 1% of vaccinations.’
    • ‘Squamous cell carcinoma lesions vary in appearance and usually appear as dull, red lesions with scaling and induration.’