Definition of Indonesian in English:



  • Relating to Indonesia or its people or language.

    • ‘With help from Australian and Indonesian military personnel, U.S. forces loaded supplies for immediate delivery southward.’
    • ‘Are there a lot of Indonesian aid workers in there?’
    • ‘It also turned up as laksa in the Indonesian language in about the 13th century.’
    • ‘A delegation of 10 Indonesian officials visited the Northern Rivers this week to learn about how the region builds community partnerships.’
    • ‘Those undertaking Indonesian law research face the major hurdle of sourcing relevant legal material.’
    • ‘An Indonesian friend offered him to work as an English language instructor.’
    • ‘The Indonesian language needed to be spread to the population and to be developed into the real language of the people.’
    • ‘Contemporary Indonesian cooking is a rich and complex blend of many cultures.’
    • ‘It arrived just as Indonesian workers and students had liberated themselves from Suharto (led by some unorthodox Marxists and trade unionists).’
    • ‘Those that have studied in Indonesia obviously feel a strong association with the language and with Indonesian culture and society.’
    • ‘After many drawing lessons, discussions on better management, workshops and good times, I was sent home by Indonesian immigration officials.’
    • ‘It is a pity that the article appears in the Post and not in an Indonesian language paper so that more people would be able to read it.’
    • ‘When my friend first moved to Indonesia from Canada, she became very set on learning the Indonesian language.’
    • ‘An officer informs the Indonesian crew in the Indonesian language that if they were to enter Australia, they would be committing a crime.’
    • ‘The Japanese generals had to neutralize the US fleet so that they could sweep into Southeast Asia and appropriate Indonesian petroleum.’
    • ‘Connoisseurs of the Indonesian textile arts know the spell these rich earthy colors and scintillating patterns can cast.’
    • ‘And it fills a gap in the available Indonesian language resource materials.’
    • ‘As you listen, you'll learn some Indonesian vocabulary and tune your ear to the sound of a foreign language.’


  • 1A native or inhabitant of Indonesia, or a person of Indonesian descent.

    • ‘About half the number were Australian, with Britons and Indonesians being among the other casualties.’
    • ‘Most teachers in the National Plus schools are Indonesians with a small number of expatriate teachers.’
    • ‘How do you get Indonesians to respect court decisions, when the Indonesian legal system has been so corrupt?’
    • ‘I'm sorry for the Indians, Indonesians, Sri Lankans and Thais who have to clean this mess up.’
    • ‘Every Papuan, no matter who they are, believes that Indonesians and Papuans are different.’
    • ‘Of the nine, five are Singaporeans, one is American and three are Indonesians.’
    • ‘The Commission's effort is in the interest of all Indonesians including Papuans.’
    • ‘In Indonesia, Indonesians are Indonesian first and members of their ethnic groups second.’
    • ‘We have seen the Indonesians express support and solidarity with the Palestinians and demand action.’
    • ‘The original aim was just to rebuild our confidence as Indonesians and rebuild the nation.’
    • ‘The Indonesians were a powerful maritime nation in the 1st millennium.’
    • ‘During the month, many Indonesians will spend more on food and goods.’
    • ‘Arrest warrants are still outstanding for two Indonesians and a Russian.’
    • ‘This could result in greater appreciation for Italian culture and civilization among Indonesians.’
    • ‘For the majority of Indonesians, Bahasa Indonesia is the language used in public.’
    • ‘This historical perspective is once again an issue of relevance to Indonesians and Indonesian art today.’
    • ‘More than 40 million Indonesians languish in unemployment, official data shows.’
    • ‘Even if most Indonesians are Muslims and most Israelis are Jews, so what?’
    • ‘When it comes to learning English, Indonesians are very fond of native speakers.’
    • ‘Forget about all the Indonesians or the Thai, we finally put a face to the disaster.’
  • 2mass noun The group of Austronesian languages, closely related to Malay, which are spoken in Indonesia and neighbouring islands.

    • ‘What was wrong with keeping official Indonesian, the language of the region and the one in which a whole generation of East Timorese had been educated?’
    1. 2.1 The Austronesian language, closely related to Malay, that is the official language of Indonesia.
      Also called Bahasa Indonesia
      • ‘Training last Sunday was really funny, because the coach and I spoke Chinese, the Filipinos spoke English and the Indonesians spoke Indonesian.’
      • ‘Across the office, a couple of guys were discussing English, Indonesian and Mandarin Chinese in the morning.’
      • ‘At the time of this writing, Scribus has been translated into 19 languages, most recently Czech, Russian and Indonesian.’
      • ‘A quite significant number of Australian secondary schools now teach Asian history, culture and languages such as Japanese, Chinese and Indonesian.’
      • ‘Skills developed as a result of the workshop can be used to go on to learn other tonal and non-tonal languages including Chinese, Vietnamese and Indonesian.’
      • ‘Before hordes of kids were offered Japanese, Chinese and Indonesian as language subjects.’
      • ‘I can do it - I have Tagalog-speaking friends, and I think I could get access to someone who speaks Indonesian.’
      • ‘Maria was speaking in Indonesian to the driver, telling him to hurry up, hurry up.’
      • ‘This will likely happen with most European languages, as well as Vietnamese and Indonesian.’
      • ‘Spoken Indonesian varies depending on the rank or status of the speaking partner.’
      • ‘If I asked speakers how to say something in colloquial Indonesian, they would invariably provide sentences in the formal language.’
      • ‘The Qur'an is available in both Arabic and Indonesian, and the family I stayed with readily found the book to list the Muslim prophets.’
      • ‘Whilst we were in Indonesia we spoke to a great number of Indonesians in English as well as in Indonesian.’
      • ‘It was amusing to note that there appeared to be instructions in Indonesian / Malay and Chinese only, and none in English.’
      • ‘Generally, Sundanese is the language of choice among family members and friends, while in the public sphere, Indonesian is used.’