Definition of Indon in English:



  • A person from Indonesia.

    ‘you never know whether Indons disagree because they never let anything slip’
    • ‘This diplomatic argy bargy will blow over once the Indons get over their elections.’
    • ‘The Indons will want answers sooner rather than later.’
    • ‘We've already lost the rat race with the Thais and Indons.’
    • ‘There are about 2 million Indons in Malaysia.’
    • ‘If we send the boats back to Indonesia, what would happen if the Indons refused to accept them back?’
    • ‘The Indons have been less than cooperative.’
    • ‘Since then the Indons have been forced to "play hard".’
    • ‘The Indons now enjoy good quality Toyotas for a low price.’
    • ‘Her imagined unfair treatment at the hands of the Indons is motivated by an ignorant belief that a young pretty woman couldn't possibly be guilty.’
    • ‘Perhaps Tony Abbott should demand an apology from the Indons for burning the Aussie flag at our Embassy..’


  • Indonesian.

    ‘that's something my Indon friends always ask me’
    • ‘You don't actually go straight into Indon waters when you leave ours.’
    • ‘That would guarantee the election of a hardline anti-Australian Indon government come April.’
    • ‘The PM gives the Indon President a sneek peek at the title deeds to 1 million acres of prime Australian grazing land.’
    • ‘I'm ordering some for my Bangla workers and Indon maids to drive around.’
    • ‘These products are only for the Indon market.’
    • ‘The Indon President pulls the plug on everything and acts as if he's never heard of spying before.’
    • ‘Why do they still use the Indon- made tyres?’
    • ‘Reports of the kindly and gentle Indon judges reading books and chatting while she made her plea were not encouraging.’
    • ‘Toyota is the first choice among the indon consumers.’
    • ‘Aside from the features listed in the ad, the Indon spec gets 6 airbags and a 3-row panoramic sunroof, but it's missing the GPS nav and reversing camera.’


1960s: abbreviation.