Definition of indiscriminately in English:



  • 1In a random manner; unsystematically.

    ‘his armies slaughtered men, women, and children indiscriminately’
    • ‘Some gunmen were seen running from the school, firing indiscriminately in desperation.’
    • ‘More gunmen moved through the area in a hijacked police vehicle, firing indiscriminately.’
    • ‘But she offered no explanation as to what triggered his five-hour stand-off with police, during which he shot indiscriminately at neighbours.’
    • ‘Family members of Sinn Fein representative were murdered indiscriminately.’
    • ‘Militias, thriving on each group's fears of the other, are slaughtering civilians indiscriminately.’
    • ‘Nevertheless, the obstruction affects everyone indiscriminately who may wish to walk along it."’
    • ‘From one site, large chunks of rubble come flying indiscriminately out, sending us scurrying for cover.’
    • ‘The UN investigators accused them of firing rockets indiscriminately at civilians.’
    • ‘Security forces killed the two remaining assailants, who had opened fire indiscriminately, the military said.’
    • ‘Now the gunmen in the past few hours have been firing indiscriminately out from the house.’
    • ‘The Blackwater contractors are accused of firing indiscriminately into the crowd.’
    • ‘Some journalists popped into Alexander during the opening night's kick-off party, taking pictures indiscriminately, frightening some of the less open guests.’
    • ‘It will be aimed at preventing the snakes from getting indiscriminately killed.’
    • ‘Both of these populations are subjected indiscriminately to special reviews.’
    • ‘It is important to divulge the abuses by the Navy indiscriminately launching tear gases.’
    • ‘Books are indiscriminately piled on the sidewalk for people to browse through.’
    • ‘Perhaps the term may be applied indiscriminately to any Cetacean other than the porpoise.’
    • ‘I can categorically state that we did not indiscriminately open fire, he said.’
    • ‘They also easily become prey to traps that are indiscriminately laid.’
    • ‘What is more disturbing is that some indigenous vegetation was indiscriminately destroyed for the erection of the deck.’
    randomly, at random, unsystematically, aimlessly, unmethodically, without method, haphazardly, blindly, uncritically, undiscriminatingly, non-selectively, injudiciously
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    1. 1.1 In a way that does not show care or judgement.
      ‘people who are sedentary and who eat indiscriminately’
      • ‘Zinc therapy should be limited to a short period because of the increased incidence of copper deficiency if lozenges are taken indiscriminately for six to eight weeks.’
      • ‘Don't indiscriminately consider nationalism to be heretical.’
      • ‘But no one can defend bonuses indiscriminately handed out. "’
      • ‘As my parents warned, you couldn't indiscriminately open the packaging.’
      • ‘Countries such as Indonesia are indiscriminately logging the rainforests - don't be part of it.’
      • ‘Talking about "the media" indiscriminately in discussing this scandal is dumb.’
      • ‘So before you indiscriminately compare Rush to Trent Lott's remarks, put things into some perspective.’
      • ‘This caused problems during pregnancy when iron tablets used to be given indiscriminately or because haemoglobin levels fell.’
      • ‘The subpoena alleged that Dr. Bearman had "indiscriminately" recommended the use of medical marijuana to the patient.’
      • ‘But remember, you are not a ravenous bear indiscriminately filling your belly for the long winter ahead.’
      • ‘The pedal is essential for achieving desired tones and coloring, but must never be used indiscriminately.’
      • ‘Mothers of mixed children also responded indiscriminately (i.e., permissively) toward their children's noncompliance, just like parents of purely aggressive children.’