Definition of indirect tax in English:

indirect tax


  • A tax levied on goods and services rather than on income or profits.

    • ‘The survey ranked tax advisers in Europe in seven categories, including tax planning, capital markets, indirect taxes and cross-border structuring.’
    • ‘But as Minister of Revenue, I am responsible only for direct taxes, indirect taxes, and related matters.’
    • ‘So, how could he hit his €1.9 billion target without unduly ratcheting up indirect taxes and levying further stealth charges?’
    • ‘In order to avoid a resulting structural deficit, he believes indirect taxes such as car taxes or goods and services tax can be raised.’
    • ‘When 50c in almost every dollar of private sector income goes to the government in direct or indirect taxes, the government has absolutely no excuse to ever run a deficit.’
    • ‘In the UK the Board of Customs and Excise is also responsible for collecting such indirect taxes as value-added tax.’
    • ‘Mumbai pays more corporate tax, personal income tax and other indirect taxes than Delhi by a factor of nearly four.’
    • ‘Apart from those unavoidable income taxes, indirect taxes have helped to boost the Treasury's coffers, too.’
    • ‘‘It is a great trick by the Government to reduce direct taxation and income tax and to increase indirect taxes,’ he said.’
    • ‘The Tariff Reformers advocated protective indirect taxes to raise such revenues: the Liberals legislated for expanded direct taxes.’
    • ‘So-called ‘stealth taxes’ or indirect taxes have been increased such that the overall tax burden has risen.’
    • ‘These additional indirect taxes could be used to cut income tax bands, he said.’
    • ‘The gradual reduction of the tax burden will be partly achieved by cutting direct taxes and increasing indirect taxes, the Cabinet said.’
    • ‘The method of taking real funding can be through direct taxes or indirect taxes and by means of monetary printing.’
    • ‘Many web-based sales are made free of indirect taxes, as result tax authorities are losing out on this revenue from such sales.’
    • ‘Income tax remains the most progressive and the fairest form of taxation because, unlike indirect taxes like VAT, it is firmly related to ability to pay.’
    • ‘On a positive note, 90 per cent of the income of those on the minimum wage are now exempt from income tax, but let's not forget the hidden indirect taxes.’
    • ‘For the record, the government will collect almost £455 billion in direct and indirect taxes this tax year.’
    • ‘They already pay rent, which in many cases is higher than the land tax would be, besides all manner of indirect taxes.’
    • ‘It uses the money taken from private interests (through direct taxation or the indirect tax of inflation) to bid against those same private interests for scarce resources.’


indirect tax