Definition of Indio in English:



  • A member of any of the indigenous peoples of America or eastern Asia in areas formerly subject to Spain or Portugal.

    • ‘Then he asked her if she was full-blooded Indio?’
    • ‘In olden days, Saracens and Indios certainly had a very different experience of the crucifix, and many of today's Christian fundamentalists give plenty of reason to doubt this view.’
    • ‘And, finally, in makeshift and transitional housing Indios lived on the outskirts of town.’
    • ‘But the way Baca addresses his question also implies that to do nothing, that simply to be an Indio is to be a scofflaw.’
    • ‘The photos show my father and his fellow monks always in their habits, so I think they preached, taught the Indios to read the Bible and watched that Commandments were observed.’
    • ‘Si, I said, an Indio, from a nearly immiscible history.’
    • ‘At age nineteen, I even spent some time in a mission, living with the Indios.’
    • ‘Luck and timing brought her to a factory town on the American border, just as a company began to set up a special program to include Indios on the assembly line.’


Mid 19th century: from Spanish and Portuguese, literally Indian.