Definition of indicia in English:


plural noun

  • Signs, indications, or distinguishing marks.

    ‘the indicia of predictive child abuse’
    • ‘These matters could be incidental indicia of a real partnership, but indicia of substance (partnership accounts, sharing of profits and expenses etc.) are simply not here.’
    • ‘Your Honours are faced with an argument that there is a tort of breach of privacy without the necessary indicia of that which is private, namely, the quality of confidentiality.’
    • ‘Later I suggested a number of indicia for the definition of a political crime.’
    • ‘The Court of Appeal found the following to be sufficient indicia of threshold reliability to afford the jury a satisfactory basis for evaluating its ultimate reliability.’
    • ‘That is why I am about to go through the various indicia which indicate that there is a limited extraterritorial effect in this legislation.’


Early 17th century: plural of Latin indicium, from index, indic- ‘informer, sign’.