Definition of indication in English:



  • 1A sign or piece of information that indicates something.

    ‘the visit was an indication of the improvement in relations between the countries’
    • ‘If the patient is unwilling to sign a written indication of this refusal, this too should be noted in writing.’
    • ‘These two stories are an indication of the problems that lie ahead.’
    • ‘Perhaps this information, and some indication of the meeting place was discussed.’
    • ‘This in itself is an indication of the problem, an indication of the fear in which people live.’
    • ‘This gives an indication of where mortgage-holders are likely to be hardest hit by interest rate rises or a dip in the economy.’
    • ‘A good indication of when tomatoes are at their best is when they're cheapest.’
    • ‘I eagerly await the news story citing evidence of tea harvesting on the South Downs as an indication of climate change.’
    • ‘Party affiliation is no longer an accurate indication of approach.’
    • ‘It was an indication of the way the Academy's luck has been going.’
    • ‘It's an indication of the troubled security situation facing Coalition forces.’
    • ‘This, once again, is a indication of the kind of thing that the president said he wanted to do.’
    • ‘The monthly magazine is a great indication of good value wine purchases and general wine knowledge.’
    • ‘The gathering earlier this week of trade union leaders to discuss plans for a more robust manifesto was an indication of that.’
    • ‘Was this evidence of a busy morning or the indication of a little used venue?’
    • ‘Well, later in the piece we get some indication of what our correspondent really thinks.’
    • ‘An indication of times to come was evident in the procession that marked the inauguration.’
    • ‘Just an indication of how much trouble there is out there and how dry it can be.’
    • ‘That gives an indication of how informed they intend to be for the remainder of this debate.’
    • ‘When there are nine to 10 games left, you will have a clear indication of who will be there at the end of the race.’
    • ‘One indication of this is that conventional game programming does not seem to be growing these days.’
    sign, indicator, symptom, mark, manifestation, signal, demonstration, evidence, attestation, proof
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    1. 1.1 A reading given by a gauge or meter.
      • ‘The browser rankings are scrutinised for indications of consumer trends.’
      • ‘Hardiness zones are indications of the average minimum temperatures for different areas of the country.’
      • ‘However, Member States may require that measuring instruments bear indications of quantity in a single legal unit of measurement.’
      • ‘Red markings at the top of the gauge give an easy indication that water levels are too high.’
      • ‘I ran a built-in test on the fuel gauge, and all indications were normal.’
      record, figure, read-out, display, measurement
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  • 2A symptom that suggests certain medical treatment is necessary.

    ‘heavy bleeding is a common indication for hysterectomy’
    • ‘Prior intrauterine therapy is not an indication for an elective caesarean section.’
    • ‘The companies were very keen to get coronary heart disease prevention as an indication for the drugs.’
    • ‘Failure to establish regular breathing in the first minute after birth is an indication for assisted ventilation.’
    • ‘Some types of infection are an indication for a planned Caesarean section.’
    • ‘Could this be a novel therapy for sleep apnea, and a new indication for cardiac pacing?’
    • ‘The commonest indication for hysteroscopy is the investigation of abnormal uterine bleeding.’
    • ‘The medical history may also yield medical indications for, or contraindications to, specific antihypertensive drugs.’
    • ‘Around half of the study patients had atrial fibrillation as their primary indication for warfarin.’
    • ‘Fever and flank pain are not indications for intravenous urography.’
    • ‘For many women the first indication of pregnancy is a missed period.’
    • ‘There is no indication for antibiotics in patients with thrombophlebitis.’
    • ‘The device has been used for various indications, including chronic wounds, grafts, and flaps.’
    • ‘It was not uncommon for patients to present with more than one indication for tracheostomy.’
    • ‘By far, the two basic indications for tracheostomy are airway obstruction and ventilatory support.’
    • ‘Since insomnia has many causes, the indications for treatment are dependent on the etiology.’
    • ‘Perhaps impaired glucose tolerance should be an indication for treatment.’
    • ‘Table 2 shows the rates of antimicrobials prescribed for urinary indications for the 10 pairs of nursing homes.’
    • ‘Fever is a common system of illness in children and can be an indication for an infection.’