Definition of indeterminably in English:



  • See indeterminable

    • ‘It springs eternal for gamblers as well; they can persist indeterminably at the slot machine with its unpredictable and occasional rewards.’
    • ‘At some indeterminably distant point, a band of dark cloud hovers, apparently held between twin fingers of ice and sky.’
    • ‘No more waiting on hold indeterminably, standing in long and slow-moving lines, or getting the old run around from poorly trained service reps.’
    • ‘Because some contracts will continue for years, the task force's effort will continue indeterminably, as will the need for continued support and personnel.’
    • ‘This has been an indeterminably long week of waiting.’
    • ‘However, in reality nature is indeterminably more powerful than we are, and she will have the last laugh.’