Definition of indescribable in English:



  • Too unusual, extreme, or indefinite to be adequately described:

    ‘most prisoners suffered indescribable hardship’
    • ‘Most people describe a plane of almost indescribable beauty, peace, and comfort.’
    • ‘When she was very young, she had a quality that's almost indescribable, a luminescence.’
    • ‘How does one describe an incredibly beautiful land and its indescribable tragedy?’
    • ‘This is an indescribable surprise and honour so thank you.’
    • ‘It's like, whatever I learnt or received from the Reiki today had an effect on me in some indescribable manner.’
    • ‘Whatever the discouragement, it is rewarding to persevere and find a nugget, when the thrill of discovery is indescribable.’
    • ‘Each soul undergoes terrible and indescribable sufferings, related to the manner in which it has sinned.’
    • ‘Next to her in the back is Jasper, who is wearing an indescribable woe-is-me expression.’
    • ‘But Serenity has an indescribable atmosphere, a palpable sense that living in this world is dangerous.’
    • ‘It was suddenly extremely short and coloured an indescribable shade of ginger.’
    • ‘It is as easy as sitting down on a comfortable chair and what happens next is almost indescribable.’
    • ‘The smell in the hut is indescribable in a family magazine.’
    • ‘To discover a talent and help it to flourish is an indescribable high.’
    • ‘Like all mystically indescribable ideals, glove perfection is best described through negation.’
    • ‘The question really comes down to being asked to describe the indescribable.’
    • ‘Love has always been considered as an innocent and indescribable alliance between two people.’
    • ‘When one achieves that, there is an indescribable sense of fulfilment.’
    • ‘The trangressiveness of this act for both communities is indescribable.’
    • ‘To have a morning walk at such a time is an indescribable experience.’
    • ‘As for the three-day trek there was no point in describing the indescribable.’
    inexpressible, undefinable, beyond description, beyond words, beggaring description, nameless, incommunicable, ineffable, unutterable, unspeakable
    intense, extreme, acute, strong, powerful, profound
    incredible, extraordinary, remarkable, prodigious
    indefinite, unanalysable, intangible, impalpable, elusive, fugitive
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