Definition of independently in English:



  • 1In a way that is free from outside control or influence.

    ‘the government must prove its ability to govern independently’
    ‘the independently run museum receives no public funding’
    ‘the figures have been independently audited’
    • ‘The spin-off has been given much leeway by Delta's management to operate independently.’
    • ‘These facts should be independently investigated, and they will be found to be true.’
    • ‘And while the Group adheres to the school's rules with regards to health and safety, it is run totally independently as an after-school club.’
    • ‘The government denies the charge, saying that the militias are acting independently.’
    • ‘Brittany was independently governed until 1532, when it was formally annexed to France.’
    • ‘Here the key difference may be that significant lapses in accounting or quality information can be verified independently by the investor or customer.’
    • ‘The evidence for the phenomena presented is anecdotal, not scientific, and none of the "scientific" findings made by supporters have been independently replicated.’
    • ‘However, that report has not been independently confirmed.’
    • ‘The statistics used to evaluate the data should be evaluated independently by statisticians to ensure their appropriateness.’
    • ‘Participants must be American-owned, independently operated, for-profit businesses with under 500 employees, and the principal researcher must be employed by the business.’
    • ‘The City of New York has not independently verified the existence of actual service problems at the reported locations.’
    • ‘The figures have not been independently verified.’
    • ‘Instead, these findings need to be replicated independently in primary care patients.’
    • ‘It was that he reached his view independently, not as a result of being leaned on.’
    • ‘Only a fraction of the devices available worldwide have been independently validated.’
    • ‘It was not possible to confirm independently whether the two men had been arrested.’
    • ‘There was no way independently to confirm the authenticity of the remarks.’
    • ‘The group is known to operate in the Kirkuk area and other parts of the north, but its claim could not be independently verified.’
    • ‘The projects were being independently evaluated to ensure they were successfully targeting young people at risk, he said.’
    alone, all alone, on one's own, in a solitary state, separately, singly, solitarily, unaccompanied, solo
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  • 2Without outside help; unaided.

    ‘disabled people living independently in their own homes’
    ‘information for those who are travelling independently’
    • ‘She still lives independently on the farm and in the house her parents moved into in 1913.’
    • ‘Now if you don't usually have a lot of meetings with coworkers or handle all your projects independently, you're actually a good candidate.’
    • ‘Gradually, the students are guided through the issues, until their confidence is sufficient to tackle problems independently.’
    • ‘Thirty-seven percent of seniors prefer to handle their financial affairs independently.’
    • ‘And indeed single women who prefer to live alone and independently are mostly looked down upon.’
    • ‘Scaffolding should be removed gradually as students begin to demonstrate mastery and then no longer provided when students can perform the task independently.’
    • ‘We need to instill the excitement and passion of our disciplines so that they independently come to class well-prepared to discuss concepts, solve problems, and advance the learning of everyone.’
    • ‘The work that needs to be done includes a new roof, heating system, toilets and showers, and suites where older pupils can be taught how to live independently.’
    • ‘During the first stage of life, the upper class larvae who didn't drown in afterbirth were able to move independently.’
    • ‘But today's brigades weren't designed to fight independently.’
    • ‘Most now have much more freedom to make choices, whether they live in group homes, or more independently.’
    • ‘Over the past few centuries, smaller and smaller military units were being created, and allowed to operate independently.’
    • ‘You are expected to work independently on your essay.’
  • 3In a way that is not connected with another; individually.

    ‘decisions are made independently of consumers’
    ‘why should each of us independently spend time creating the same course?’
    • ‘All of these natural heat removal processes that function independently of refrigeration occur at the surfaces of the fermenting mass.’
    • ‘There are limits to his duty which exist quite independently of the behaviour of the licensee in any particular case.’
    • ‘Spirituality and hope were independently associated with more frequent health promoting behavior, but not with greater likelihood of abstinence.’
    • ‘There is more to be gained jointly than independently.’
    • ‘The costumes, the sets, and the scores - usually performed live and often employing electronics - are separate elements, conceived independently.’
    • ‘For too long Indian lawyers had been episodic generalists, by and large operating independently from one another.’
    • ‘The problem comes from the fact that each is working, for the most part, independently from one another.’
    • ‘The North American Initiative should permit us, independently of the free trade agreement, to provide a new vitality.’
    • ‘Under the social welfare code, members of same-sex couples are treated as individuals and their claims are assessed independently.’
    • ‘But terrorism, as in planting bombs on government or civilian targets, or hijacking planes, or assassinations by small groups acting independently of class struggle, has always been deemed unacceptable.’
    • ‘Extended family groups acted entirely independently of one another.’
    • ‘No move by Norway could effectively occur independently of the US, or the EU, should Germany's relationship with Russia sour.’
    • ‘The measurement methods used in all studies were independently coded by the authors for purposes of testing whether they have an effect on the charisma-effectiveness relationship.’
    • ‘Whether the agents act independently or cooperate depends on which kind of behaviour is better for the system.’
    • ‘We know the world within a framework of space, time, and substance; but space, time, and substance are not objective realities that exist out there, independently of us.’
    • ‘In the economic world, the market represents a structure operating independently of the units and the transactions that take place between the entrepreneurs.’
    • ‘Due to this unique feature, each cell can be directly observed under the microscope, and cell proliferation can be monitored, independently of any effect of changes in cell volume.’
    • ‘The main stream of the Mississippi, independently of its tributaries, forms an unbroken course of inland navigation file r a distance of nearly two thousand three hundred miles.’
    • ‘Animals may pursue their most beneficial course by acting independently or by acting together in teams, but usually in teams.’
    • ‘Thus, by implication, it is possible for capitalism to exist independently of other economic logics in, for example, the Western world.’