Definition of Independence Day in English:

Independence Day


  • 1A day celebrating the anniversary of national independence.

    • ‘On Wednesday, the nation celebrated its 60th Independence Day.’
    • ‘Instead of celebrating the Independence Day, they were seen sitting around watching over what remained of their homes.’
    • ‘Colombia celebrates Independence Day on July 20 and the discovery of America on October 12.’
    • ‘There are ways and ways how people celebrate the Independence Day.’
    • ‘The day before Independence Day I was buying a book at a fancy bookstore in Mumbai.’
    • ‘The national Tricolour usually becomes a common sight during the Independence Day and the Republic Day.’
    • ‘This day has come to be regarded as Papuan Independence Day.’
    • ‘It was the end of a busy week for many of the players, and some of the regulars chose a day off after their round in the Independence Day event the previous day.’
    • ‘National identity is symbolized by a flag, a national anthem, a seal, and an Independence Day celebrated every year.’
    • ‘Only one week earlier, during Independence Day celebrations, soldiers at Moem Barracks near Wewak went on a rampage and set fire to buildings.’
    • ‘The same truck was parked near that same spot two days previous, at the Israeli Independence Day rally.’
    • ‘The fair will be on till August 17, and open on all days, including Sundays and the Independence Day.’
    • ‘Now, probably they will do a warring business tonight given that this is Cuban Independence Day.’
    • ‘After Friendship Day on August 1, there is Independence Day and Rakhi.’
    • ‘For some Bellarussians, 25 March is celebrated as an unofficial Independence Day.’
    • ‘There are two official days of celebration: Peniamina's Day and Independence Day.’
    • ‘According to the law, the president is required to give a state address every year on Aug.16, one day before Independence Day.’
    • ‘August 6, 1962, Jamaica's Independence Day, was the same day this Flag came into use.’
    • ‘Well, we have another public holiday on Tuesday, it will be Independence Day, another day to look forward to.’
    • ‘There is also an Independence Day and a Jerusalem day.’
    1. 1.1
      another term for Fourth of July
      • ‘All liberties - including reproductive liberty - should be celebrated on Independence Day.’
      • ‘This weekend is Independence Day and for most of us reading this blog, it means a cookout, fireworks and maybe a parade.’
      • ‘Here's to your weekend and Canada Day on the first and Independence Day for us in the United States on the fourth.’
      • ‘Same with Independence Day, Memorial Day and Veterans Day - all very patriotic for many Americans but centered around wars and death.’
      • ‘There were twins, even, George and Norma Johnson, born the day before Independence Day in 1937.’
      • ‘I address you on this Independence Day weekend with a short, hopefully painless expression of my delight at being an American.’
      • ‘On July 4, the celebrations continue with a joint Canada Day and U.S. Independence Day brunch.’
      • ‘This circumstance will result in a dramatically large range of high and low ocean tides during this Independence Day weekend.’
      • ‘This year Independence Day was one of the days that strongly expressed the mood here.’
      • ‘Today in the US Americans will be celebrating their Independence Day.’
      • ‘I don't think there are advertisement breaks during the Republic Day Parade or the Independence Day function, is there?’
      • ‘Good for a viewing on Independence Day or any day of the year - as long as you can hold on to a little suspension of disbelief.’
      • ‘His suggestion of a British Day, along the lines of Independence Day in America, is too contrived to have appeal.’
      • ‘Qualified pilots are invited to Hurricane, Utah for a free fun fly-in over Independence Day weekend.’
      • ‘Watching Americans celebrate their Independence Day on July 4 was an experience of sorts for me.’
      • ‘The sequel broke the record set by its money-spinning predecessor and looks well placed to break even more over the Independence Day weekend in the States.’
      • ‘My niece, who is all of six, asked me why we celebrate Independence Day.’


Independence Day