Definition of indehiscence in English:



  • See indehiscent

    • ‘Monroella and Petriea exhibit these features and by the development of indehiscence of the pod, the Huttonella subgenus subsequently arose.’
    • ‘The tapetum degenerates earlier than usual, resulting in high pollen sterility, and anther indehiscence occurs when pollen stainability falls below 20 percent.’
    • ‘The resultant seedlings were then evaluated for indehiscence.’
    • ‘The objectives of this project are to induce indehiscence and/or strong placentation (mechanism holding seed in pod) by a mutation breeding program and to screen these mutants for disease resistance, plant height, and improved capsule size and numbers.’
    • ‘Research is also in progress to obtain indehiscence through mutations and also to splice the appropriate Cuphea genes into a conventional crop such as rape.’