Definition of indefiniteness in English:



  • See indefinite

    • ‘Breadth of a claim is not to be equated with indefiniteness.’
    • ‘Anxiety is endowed with a certain character of indefiniteness and objectlessness; correct usage even changes its name when it has found an object, and in that case speaks instead of fear.’
    • ‘What we see, then, is a subtle mix of the fixedness that a posed portrait inevitably generates and a blurred indefiniteness, partly from camera shake and partly from the haze created by bright sunlight or late afternoon shadow.’
    • ‘Nor does infinity in the sense of unboundedness coincide with indefiniteness, since indefiniteness is compatible with the existence of a maximum and unboundedness is not.’
    • ‘Such matters are embedded in a gray sector of controversy and indefiniteness and are likely to remain so for the next decade, at the very least.’