Definition of indefinite pronoun in English:

indefinite pronoun


  • A pronoun that does not refer to any person, amount, or thing in particular, e.g. anything, something, anyone, everyone.

    • ‘And there is an irritating mannerism, in which he uses the feminine personal pronoun in place of the indefinite pronoun, that gradually wore on my nerves.’
    • ‘An indefinite pronoun is a word that replaces a noun but does not refer to a specific person, place, or thing.’
    • ‘Some indefinite pronouns always take a plural verb, which means that the verb is conjugated for a plural subject.’
    • ‘In speech we use indefinite pronouns all the time, because we are aided in understanding by vocal tone and intimation.’
    • ‘Although an indefinite pronoun may refer to someone or something identifiable, it refers to them in general with the notion of all, some, any, or none.’


indefinite pronoun