Definition of indefeasibly in English:



Philosophy Law
  • See indefeasible

    • ‘Rose has a life estate, and Barbara has an indefeasibly vested remainder.’
    • ‘If an interest existed on May 22, 1965, it may be disclaimed under this section if it had not then become indefeasibly fixed both in quality and quantity or if its taker had not then become finally ascertained.’
    • ‘The sceptic's claim that knowledge is impossible could mean that no belief is ever indefeasibly justified.’
    • ‘In regard to future interest the reference is to the event which determines that the taker of the property or interest is finally ascertained and his interest is indefeasibly vested.’
    • ‘Any future interest that takes effect in possession or enjoyment after the termination of the estate or interest disclaimed takes effect as if the disclaimant had died before the event determining that the taker of the property or interest had become finally ascertained and the taker's interest is indefeasibly vested.’