Definition of indecently in English:



  • 1In a manner that does not conform with generally accepted standards of behaviour, especially in relation to sexual matters.

    ‘he is accused of indecently touching the girl’
    ‘they said guests at the party were indecently dressed’
    • ‘He was convicted of indecently touching the breasts of three women patients during examinations.’
    • ‘He was cleared of indecently assaulting the woman.’
    • ‘He strenuously denied that he has at any time behaved indecently towards any child in his charge.’
    • ‘Police are hunting a man who indecently exposed himself to a woman in a churchyard.’
    • ‘After showing some of them pornographic magazines and videos he then indecently abused them.’
    • ‘The teenager claimed he had indecently assaulted her.’
    • ‘He was convicted of indecently exposing himself to three boys.’
    • ‘The girl alleges that while she was in his care he indecently interfered with her.’
    • ‘My daughter was, shall we say, treated indecently by her murderer.’
    • ‘Police have charged a man with indecently dealing with a child under 12 following an incident on Monday.’
  • 2In an inappropriate or unfitting manner.

    ‘they believed that they were unjustly and indecently treated’
    • ‘The festival's mix is indecently rich.’
    • ‘I'm blogging this link almost indecently quickly, but it's a gem.’
    • ‘Have you ever seen any college girl dressed indecently or provocatively?’
    • ‘This led to indecently hasty conclusions to priority championships.’
    • ‘There are bound to be plenty of indecently talented acts gracing the stage at this festival.’
    • ‘She wore an indecently sexy blue wrap dress.’
    • ‘Jenny's an indecently beautiful, ambitious girl.’
    • ‘The general sentiment was 'make love, not war' - though it was more indecently expressed.’
    • ‘They had always been close; almost indecently close.’
    • ‘They are indecently rich.’