Definition of indagation in English:



mass nounrare
  • Research or investigation.

    • ‘He mocked our most diligent and exquisite indagation.’
    • ‘I perceived that some insight into chemical operations was highly conducive to the true knowledge of nature, and especially to the indagation of several of her most abstruse mysteries’
    • ‘Paracelsus directs us, in the indagation of colours, to have an eye principally upon salts.’
    • ‘For the better indagation of the nature of the Holy Ghost, I shall proceed by certain steps and degrees; which as they will render the discourse more clear, so will they also make the arguments more evident.’
    • ‘This matter stands in need both of a higher indagation, and of a longer explication than is pertinent to the present inquisition.’
    investigation, experimentation, testing, exploration, analysis, fact-finding, examination, scrutiny, scrutinization, probing
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Late 16th century: from Latin indagatio(n-), from indagare ‘investigate’.