Definition of incremental backup in English:

incremental backup


  • A security copy which contains only those files which have been altered since the last full backup.

    • ‘If you choose to save all your image backups to CD or DVD media, incremental backups can save a substantial amount of time, medium, and money in the long run.’
    • ‘This software lets an administrator create a full backup once and then rely solely on incremental backups from there on out.’
    • ‘A commonly employed strategy to reduce latency is to perform daily incremental backups and weekly full backups.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, these tapes are already out of date by hours or days because they were run previously as full backups or as incremental backups some time ago.’
    • ‘To save time, backup software must provide fast incremental backups, which only need to capture new and changed files.’


incremental backup

/ˌiŋkrəˌmɛnt(ə)l ˈbakʌp/