Definition of incorporation in English:



mass noun
  • 1The inclusion of something as part of a whole.

    ‘the software facilitates the incorporation of active learning in the course’
    • ‘The cottage cheese industry is benefiting from the incorporation of fruit into its products.’
    • ‘By their incorporation into illustrated journals, photographs became a part of middle-class literacy.’
    • ‘The story of Hyderabad's ultimate incorporation into India is a complex one.’
    • ‘It will be the foundation stone for the education and promotion of sustainable design and the incorporation of renewable energy technology.’
    • ‘They are undergoing constant transformation and the incorporation of innovative elements.’
    • ‘The department's policy promotes the incorporation of children with special needs into mainstream schools.’
    • ‘Marriage for women also represented a rite of passage - separation from their family of birth, and incorporation into their husband's community.’
    • ‘Faster social and spatial mobility does not in fact remove the challenge of incorporation.’
    • ‘They succeeded only because of the wider social context of working-class incorporation.’
    • ‘Incorporation of these tools into the learning process holds promise for positive reinforcement and possibly even acceleration of overall learning.’
  • 2The process of constituting a company, city, or other organization as a legal corporation.

    ‘a law allowing incorporation as a company’
    count noun ‘the City Council opposed all new incorporations’
    • ‘The company comes into existence only when the Registrar of Companies issues a certificate of incorporation.’
    • ‘In the 1800s, states began to pass general incorporation laws, which let people create corporations without any special legislative intervention.’
    • ‘These small businesses are compelled to publish announcements of their incorporation.’
    • ‘In 1896, New Jersey passed a law that made it easy to charter a company - and it quickly became a leading venue for incorporations.’
    • ‘An attorney helped the steering committee file the articles of incorporation.’
    • ‘Present day incorporations of towns and cities derive from this medieval use.’
    • ‘There has to be recognition of the professional concerns of staff affected by the proposed incorporation.’
    • ‘Florence observed its diamond jubilee on June 9, 1947, in celebration of the seventy-fifth anniversary of its incorporation as a city.’
    • ‘The co-op's incorporation papers established two classes of stock.’
    • ‘The Companies Act 1931 provides for the incorporation of companies in the Isle of Man.’