Definition of incorporate in English:



[with object]
Pronunciation /ɪnˈkɔːpəreɪt/
  • 1Take in or contain (something) as part of a whole; include.

    ‘he has incorporated in his proposals a number of measures’
    ‘some schemes incorporated all these variations’
    • ‘Nine previously unreported markers were incorporated into the integrated map.’
    • ‘The Thracians who had inhabited these lands before the invasion of Slavs and Bulgars were also incorporated into the new state.’
    • ‘When completed, the balls are incorporated into other objects before they are sold, including trophies and lamp stands.’
    • ‘And given the scale of the natural features and how they were incorporated into the designs, nature steals the show.’
    • ‘The way that they seem to have got around this is by incorporating the fines component in the rules, which are in turn incorporated into the contract.’
    • ‘The North Solomons was incorporated into Papua New Guinea at independence in 1975 - but against the wishes of its fledgling secessionist movement.’
    • ‘A fish pass was incorporated into the new culvert constructed over the Corroy River to allow passage for fish when river flows are low.’
    • ‘This even includes a small treatise on the origins of water being incorporated into Christian theology.’
    • ‘In 1928 that building was incorporated in the Theatre Royal, which was in turn demolished in the 1960s (Churchgate House is on the site).’
    • ‘She regrets that in too many of our schools, literature and extra-curricular activities such as drama and singing are not incorporated in their school curricula.’
    • ‘Water slides are not incorporated into the main pool for the same reason.’
    • ‘Imagine the saving should every household in the town be able to do this, and a provision for alternative waste disposal systems be incorporated into every house foundation.’
    • ‘Julia herself planned to plant some trees here, including those grown from acorns she had collected, and her ideas are incorporated in the design.’
    • ‘She pointed out that the original stained glass windows from the convent chapel are beautifully incorporated into the Prayer Room in Abbey Community College.’
    • ‘It was incorporated into the factory's main wastewater treatment scheme.’
    • ‘The little battle was quickly incorporated into imperial military legend, but was, in fact, strategically insignificant and need never have occurred if not for the disaster at Isandlwana.’
    • ‘Rirc was incorporated in Nevada, US, in 1999 and has offices in London and Vancouver.’
    • ‘Some years ago a water feature was built at the bottom of Church Bank when Forster Square was altered while a lovely waterfall was incorporated into the new Arndale Centre, neither of which lasted very long.’
    • ‘The association was incorporated in 1998 to function as the sport governing body for snowboarding in Ontario.’
    • ‘In the reign of the Bulgarian tsar Boris I, those territories were incorporated into several komitati (units of local authority).’
    absorb, include, subsume, assimilate, integrate, take in, swallow up, engulf, consolidate
    embody, include, comprise, contain, embrace, build in, encompass
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    1. 1.1 Combine (ingredients) into one substance.
      ‘add the cheeses and butter and process briefly to incorporate them’
      • ‘When this is fully incorporated, carefully fold in the rest.’
      • ‘Let sit two minutes, then whisk to melt and incorporate ingredients.’
      • ‘When all is incorporated, add the remaining pine nuts and stir into cooked pasta.’
      • ‘In a medium bowl set over an ice bath, combine all ingredients and mix until incorporated.’
      • ‘Fold gently to incorporate ingredients but do not overmix.’
      blend, mix, mingle, combine, put together, merge, fuse, unite, unify, join, bring together, amalgamate, integrate
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  • 2Constitute (a company, city, or other organization) as a legal corporation.

    ‘limited liability companies could only be incorporated under the 1930 Act’
    • ‘In 1848 the Minesota Mining Company was incorporated, with Knapp as the mine agent.’
    • ‘The defendant corporation was incorporated under, and subsists under, the laws of Ontario and has its head office in the City of Toronto.’
    • ‘In that case, farmers were advised to incorporate a company, and then grant a tenancy and transfer the farming assets to the company, in order to try and prevent the bank from obtaining possession of the farm.’
    • ‘Typically, the corporate veil is pierced when the company is incorporated for an illegal, fraudulent or improper purpose.’
    • ‘But, if the company is incorporated abroad, English liquidators' ability to get in and realise the company's foreign assets will be very limited.’


Pronunciation /ɪnˈkɔːp(ə)rət/
  • 1

    another term for incorporated
    • ‘All communal areas are maintained to an exacting standard and any such costs are incorporate as a set charge in the overall service charges.’
    • ‘The NATO and EU Department is incorporate in the Foreign Department.’
  • 2literary Having a bodily form; embodied.

    ‘through an incorporate resilience, slighted confidence restores itself’
    • ‘This training has allowed Kathryn the incorporate body/mind medicine concepts.’
    • ‘Paul displays a profound understanding both of the incorporate person of Christ and of the church as the Body of Christ, the corporate vessel.’


Late Middle English: from late Latin incorporat- ‘embodied’, from the verb incorporare, from in- ‘into’ + Latin corporare ‘form into a body’ (from corpus, corpor- ‘body’).