Definition of inconsonant in English:



  • Not in agreement or harmony; not compatible.

    • ‘Productions whose content is considered to be inconsonant with the ideals and missions of Boston College will be disallowed.’
    • ‘The individual then uses these schemas to incorporate more information; and when observations are significantly inconsonant with existing views, the schemas are modified accordingly.’
    • ‘Critics suggest that no two scenarios are bound by the same decision criteria; situationalism poses inconsonant decision constraints.’
    • ‘And how are we to interpret teachings that seem inconsonant with current sensibilities?’
    • ‘I think it's fair to say that rules by their nature are inconsonant with expressivity, as that notion is conventionally understood.’
    in disagreement, at variance, at odds, disagreeing, differing, divergent, discrepant, contradictory, contrary, in conflict, conflicting, opposite, opposed, opposing, clashing
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